Chinatown House

West Coast Technology Innovation Foundation (WCTIF) is one of the founding members of Chinatown House (CH). Chinatown House is founded by an alliance of entrepreneurs, urban designers, cultural curators and nonprofit organization with the shared goal of building a Chinatown that is vibrant, culturally and financially sustainable and accessible to all. We envision Chinatown House as a resource and a cultural hub for citizens and community groups working on Chinatown-related projects to meet and collaborate.


188 East Pender St
Vancouver, BC

Chinatown House programming has 4 main components:
1) coworking space,
2) meeting space with resources library and retail gallery,
3) community-run digital media and gaming incubator and
4) kitchen.

The community-run digital media and gaming incubator, to be called the “Vault,” is a place to record and share the stories of Chinatown and its diverse community. Created by the community for the community with open-sourced community projects, the Vault is for students, professionals and community members who are interested in learning, collaborating and creating unique digital media and gaming content.

Building strong and resilient Chinatown community requires meaningful programming for intergenerational and intercultural exchanges. Chinatown House hopes to become a place where people from different communities come together to get to know one another and share their culture through food workshops and events.

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